Operation Pedro Zaraza caused displacement of the Tren del Llano

Operation Pedro Zaraza caused displacement of the Tren del Llano

The Special Operation “Pedro Zaraza” carried out by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in the José Tadeo Monagas municipality (Altagracia de Orituco), caused the displacement of the members of the Tren del Llano settled in that area, according to military sources.

A cut of the operation (March 19 to 22) refers to the “liberation of the populations of Caramacate, Uverito, Naranjal, Bancos de Guanape, Ipare, El Chala, El Saladillo, La Poncha, Pela El Ojo, El Carmen, Macaira and Las Bestias, where Tren del Llano exerted influence”.

The leader of the aforementioned group is Oscar de Jesús Noguera Hernández, alias Diente, who lives in the mountains of Altagracia de Orituco from where he organizes the collection of vaccine in dollars against agro-producers in the region, according to records.

The preliminary balance also indicates the destruction of three observation posts and twelve huts built by a cell of the Tren del Llano.

During the deployment, a man was killed and two requested persons were detained, an event that occurred in the Botalón sector of the aforementioned municipality of Guariqueño.

The victim is known by the nickname El Lacra, who was carrying a radio transmitter and fired a Taurus revolver, according to a report from the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas).

Among the detainees is Yohan José Carrasquero Márquez, captured in the Caramacate sector and confiscated two Light Automatic Rifle magazines and eleven 5.56×45 mm caliber cartridges.

Also in Barinas there was military activity aimed at dismantling the Tren del Llano, two of whose members were arrested in the El Silvero sector, Arismendi municipality of the llanera entity.

The detainees were registered as Jesús Enrique Rodríguez and Carlos Eduardo Ramírez Rodríguez from whom they seized a 16-gauge Convenca shotgun and a 12-gauge Renegade shotgun. In addition, the military seized four cartridges and a motorcycle without a license plate.

The detainees will be charged with illegal possession of a firearm and criminal association, among other crimes.

In April of last year there was another operation that sought to dismantle the Tren del Llano organization.

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