ONP Pensions: Learn about the August schedule for paying retirees

ONP Pensions: Learn about the August schedule for paying retirees

The (ONP) announced that this Friday, August 5, the payment to 631,331 pensioners of Decree Law No. 19990 will begin.

He indicated that pensioners will be able to make their withdrawals at the banking agents and ATMs closest to their homes at the time they deem convenient, in addition to bank branches.

In the case of DL 20530 pensioners, it will be deposited on Friday the 12th of this month in the form of payment to a bank account.


In the case of pensioners of DL Nº 19990, the pension is delivered to the bank accounts registered in their ONP, and they can collect the money whenever they want from the date of deposit.

This month’s pensions will be deposited in the following order considering the first letter of the father’s surname.

letter of surnames dates
AC Friday, August 5
DL Monday, August 8
MQ Tuesday, August 9
RZ Wednesday, August 10

This group of members of the ONP can request a withdrawal through some 900 ATMs of Banco de la Nación.

Of the total, 10,191 insured will receive their pensions in the form of payment at home between August 12 and 21. This is a free service that is given throughout the country, does not require a medical certificate and can be obtained by requesting it on the platform .


The rise in prices of the products of the basic family basket has led the Executive Branch to announce an economic subsidy.

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