Only on Thursday could the veto or the promulgation of the new DDJJ law take place

The LAPOP Lab of Vanderbilt University in the US and the CIRD Foundation, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID/Paraguay), will present the results of the report tomorrow, Tuesday; “Political culture of democracy in Paraguay and in the Americas 2021: Taking the pulse of democracy – Paraguay Chapter”.

The presentation will be made through a working breakfast with journalists. The meeting will take place at the Hotel Crowne Plaza Asunción (Cerro Corá 939 almost USA).

At the event, the main regional trends in the evolution of political culture indicators according to the AmericasBarometer will be announced, with a special focus on democratic values ​​and attitudes, support for rule of law institutions, and electoral trust and integrity. In the americas.

The presentation will also delve into specific results of the survey in Paraguay and citizen perceptions on these issues.

The exhibition will be in charge of the report’s editorial advisers: Leticia Alcaraz, sociologist and master’s degree in International Solidarity Action from the Carlos III University of Madrid, and Coordinator of the Research Area of ​​the CIRD Foundation, and Ignacio González Bozzolasco, sociologist, researcher and university professor, Doctor in Social Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires and Postgraduate Director at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FACSO) at UNA.

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The entrance Only on Thursday could the veto or the promulgation of the new DDJJ law take place was first published in The Independent.

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