Only 9 applicants have a chance to be ministers of the TSJE

Only 9 applicants have a chance to be ministers of the TSJE

The first stage of the competition, which consisted of the evaluation of professional suitability, for the two vacant positions in the TSJE ended on Monday. The total points were 60 and consisted of two aspects, on the one hand, the documentary delivery and, on the other hand, a knowledge test.

The preliminary scores were as follows; Emilio Camacho; 44.64 points; Cesar Rossel; 43.64 points, Edgar Urbieta; 40.00 points, Jorge Bogarín; 36.00 points; Myriam Cristaldo; 35.9 points; Maria Franco Gennaro; 31.5 points, Cristian Rivas Kiese; 30.16 points; Carlos Maria Aquino; 30.02 points and Gustavo López; 30.00 points.

There are still 40 more points in dispute that are divided as follows; in the public hearing that began on Wednesday, 20 points are at stake and in the comprehensive evaluation of the third stage the last 20 points (100 in total).

In order to form the list, the applicants must reach a minimum of 70 points, so if they did not reach 30 points in the first stage, they no longer have the possibility of reaching any of the two vacant positions.

At the beginning, a total of 34 applicants applied. Of which, only 18 managed to pass the first evaluation that consisted of the admissibility of the application (documentary analysis, title, master’s degrees, publications and more).

Among the 16 rejected applicants, only four raised the reconsideration, but finally none of the requests took place.

The second evaluation consisted of the knowledge exam composed of 25 points and lasting 100 minutes. This concluded the first stage that consisted of the evaluation of the suitability.
The second stage consisted of public hearings and began yesterday, Wednesday. They will run until Tuesday, March 17. This audience is worth 20 points.

In these public hearings, the applicants must develop their projections, expectations to access the position, what are their projects that they will implement in the position. This must be presented within a period of 10 minutes and then answer the questions asked by the public or any of the members of the Council of the Judiciary.

The third stage will consist of the comprehensive evaluation where all the developments of the candidates during the first and second stages will be taken into account. The counselors will take more into account the honorability of the applicants.

Although there is still no date for the presentation of the list, it is estimated that it will be in the month of May. A candidate needs six votes (from eight members) to be elected.

Main photo: César Rossel, Emilio Camacho and Édgar Urbieta.

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