One Only Uruguay assures that it will not become a political party

One Only Uruguay assures that it will not become a political party

One Only Uruguay anticipates that they will not become a political party.
One Only Uruguay anticipates that they will not become a political party.

Un Solo Uruguay, a movement of “self-convened” agricultural producers, celebrated its sixth anniversary with a proclamation in which it harshly criticized the political system and parties in the country. In a meeting held in Montevideo, spokesman Norberto Pereyra read a speech in which he denounced the “ineffectiveness” of politicians and their responsibility for the country’s indebtedness.

Pereyra also attacked the third level of government: “Most of the mayors are only there to have more operators, promoters of party activity, regional parliaments, where the ability to travel, to enjoy, to be kings in democracy, with per diem increases. , offices and official cars,” he said.

Additionally, the movement asked that the fiscal deficit with the Gross Domestic Product stop “comparing” and take into account how much the State collects, since this leads to “permanent indebtedness”. The group also questioned the motivations of the leaders, pointing out that “they are not celebrities, they are citizens who should understand that they are at our service, in order to improve our quality of life, to impose less on us and to provide us with more.”

In its proclamation, Un Solo Uruguay also called on politicians to “respect the Constitution, establish decent salaries and act honestly” and end “the farce of being different from each other because you are not.” The movement also demanded that measures be taken to improve the economic situation of the country and the quality of life of its citizens.

They were openly and widely critical of the last government of Tabaré Vázquez (Broad Front) and, although they were in sympathy with the current president, Luis Lacalle Pou (National Party, multicolored coalition) when he was a candidate, they maintain their criticism because in the Executive Tower currently They do not listen to them or attend to their claims or proposals. In May 2022, at a meeting they had held in Maldonado, they assured that they are “neither from the left, nor from the right, nor from the center.”

They don’t have political views.

USU already has a representative in the Banco de Previsión Social (BPS), which already places them somewhat on the political spectrum as a group that wants to be part of the discussions. Although at some point its leaders had slipped the possibility that they could become a political party, now they reject that this is a possibility, at least in the short term.

Pereyra said that the possibility is evaluated “every day.” And that although in the short term it is ruled out, “it may be” that it will happen in the future. “There’s a lot of pressure saying that’s where we’re going,” she added.

Being part of the BPS, he criticized the “humiliating” pensions that Uruguayan workers receive, which “denigrate the contribution they have made to the country.” In any case, the spokesman considered that he was “benevolent” with the leaders. “The Uruguayan political system is the one that has us prisoners of everything that is happening in the country. We are in an expensive country, which is making it more expensive every day, ”he said.

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