The famous presented dishes so bad in MasterChef that everyone stays with a black apron

One of the celebrities withdrew from MasterChef for personal reasons and made everyone cry

A new chapter of the most famous cuisine in Colombia brought out the emotions of both the participants and the jury. This is the surprise departure of Aida Bossawhich made even the presenter cry Claudia Bahamon.

Although he did not say why he made the decision that left his companions cold, he did indicate that it was for personal reasons.

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“I would have loved to continue to the end in the kitchen of masterchef, but it weighs me down a lot. Thanks to the people who are watching us, thanks for so much love, ”said the actress at the time of saying goodbye to the reality show.

However, the emotions did not stop there, since he asked that his position not be empty and ‘revived’ a participant who had already been deleted.

“I do not want that space to be empty and if you allow me, I want to invite someone to occupy my space,” he said.

That being the case, Aida went out for a few seconds and then came back with Cristina Campuzanoone of the participants who had left the kitchen of masterchef, for a casserole with which he did not hit.

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Aida Morales, Manuela Gonzalez, Natalia Ramirez and the other participants who were crying in the middle of the surprise farewell, received Campuzano with great emotion.

“You just took me by surprise and you’re going to miss me a lot, but I swear I’m going to stay here and I’m going to get them all out.” Christina added. For her part, Aida thanked her experience and described it as “enriching.”

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