One injured in ship incident in Panama Canal

One injured in ship incident in Panama Canal

A Portuguese flag ship it came out this Thursday morning of the channel during his crossing Panama Canalan incident that left A wounded but it did not affect transit through the interoceanic route, reported his administration.

The incident took place at 06:15 local time (11:15 GMT) on Thursday, when “the general cargo ship EMMA OLDENDORFwith flag of Madeira (Portugal) left the channel at the Pacific outlet” of the Canal.

Some boats in the Amador area, where specially recreational boats dock, were affected due to the exit of the channel of the Portuguese ship, indicated the official information without further details.

“Because of this incident, it is reported an injured personwhich is being attended by health personnel,” added a statement from the Panama Canalwithout offering more details.

The highway administration added that “the traffic of boats remains normalsince the ship does not hinder the channel” and was “being assisted by tugboats from the Panama Canal“, and that the causes of this incident are being investigated.

Other recent events

On December 15, a start of fire In a machinery facility, it temporarily interrupted transit through one of the hundred-year-old locks of the interoceanic canal due to security measures.

The event, which did not cause injuriestook place “in one of the machinery tunnels in the upper chamber of the Miraflores locks,” it was reported at the time.

Last September, a “human error” caused the unusual overflow of one of the locks Panama Canalwhich generated a delay of just over two hours in the transit of a ship.

no worker of the locks was affected or injured as a result of that incident, which only caused damage to a transformer as a result of the flooding, according to official information.

The Panama Canal connects 180 maritime routes arriving at 1,920 ports in 170 countries. 2.4% of world trade transited through this route in 2021, according to data from his administration.

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