ONE indicates how it will pay fees to collaborators

ONE indicates how it will pay fees to collaborators

Through a bulletinthe National Statistical Office (ONE) indicated that the payment of fees for enumerators, supervisors and all personnel who worked in the Census, which ended on November 30, must comply with some procedures issued by the Comptroller General of the Republic.

In order to ensure that auditing standards and procedures are followed, the ONE indicated that each enumerator and supervisor signed a commitment document, which establishes the obligations and rights between the parties, as well as the duration of the payment of per diems and fees, understanding that despite the delay in the Payments the quality of your service and on-time delivery will not be compromised.

As the document indicates from the first contract, it was established that the Supervisors will provide their services from November 8 to November 28, 2022 and will receive the sum of twenty-five thousand Dominican pesos (RD$25,000.00) for fees.

He also indicated that the census takers will provide their services from November 9 to 27, 2022, receiving the sum of seventeen thousand Dominican pesos (RD$17,000.00) for fees.

As explained by said bulletinboth the enumerators and supervisors will apply the 10% discount corresponding to Income Tax (ISR), as established by the Financial Monetary Law and accident insurance is contemplated.

The enumerators and supervisors, as temporary hires, will be paid for the period worked, receiving a PIN via SMS message on their mobile phones (cell phones) indicating that the payment is already available for withdrawal purposes at the bank.

The personnel who continued in census work during the extension of the survey until November 30, will be endorsed a proportion based on the additional days worked.

In the case of national, provincial, municipal, polygon, technical and cartographic support managers, who have a contract from before the start of the census until December 2022, and it is carried out Payments monthly via bank account, once the corresponding state procedure has been exhausted.

payments in transit

Until December 6 the ONE has made 14% of the Payments in transit that correspond to the payment of fees from different provinces, which has an amount of RD$285,277,297 million Dominican pesos.

Once the banking procedures of a maximum of 72 hours have been exhausted, these Payments they will be ready to be withdrawn by the registration personnel.

Likewise, there is a total of 8,490 Payments of lifts and training available.

According to the document, the ONE constantly calling to inform employees that they can go to the Reserve Bank to withdraw their fees.

Enabling portal for consultations

On December 2, the National Statistics Office (ONE) reported that it had set up a space in the Information Service Center of the ONElocated on the 1st floor of the Juan Pablo Duarte Government Office Building, for all registration personnel who wish to come and check the status of their Payments of per diems

They also enabled a consultation link accessing the web portals and

In the same way, the ONE operational call center has been enabled where it can be consulted by dialing 809-682-2717, option 1.

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