One dead and two injured when a car overturned on the Havana-Pinar del Río highway

One dead and two injured when a car overturned on the Havana-Pinar del Río highway

One person died and two others were injured in a car accident that occurred this Friday on the Havana-Pinar del Río highway. The vehicle, with private sheet metal, lost control on the bridge that leads to the town of Herradura, in the municipality of Consolación del Sur, and after the impact Dainarys Patterson, 37, lost her life. reported the official press.

Along with Patterson, who lived in Herradura, were two passengers who were injured and are now receiving medical attention at the Abel Santamaría Provincial Hospital. His injuries, assured Manuel Quintero, head of the Guard Corps at this center, are “mild, without compromise for life.”

The doctor added that, upon receiving the news of the accident, “the usual protocols” of the hospital were activated, and the injured were treated “by a multidisciplinary team of specialists.”

The Cuban News Agency published several photographs of the accident, in which a notable damage to the body of the vehicle is observed, completely overturned on the road. The car, with license plate P217282, is an American-made vintage car, but its condition does not allow the brand to be identified.

The data indicates that almost two Cubans die every day on the roads

Until June 1, 290 people had lost their lives in traffic accidents in Cuba. “There persists a lack of perception in the population of what are the risks that can lead to a traffic accident,” said then, when offering the figure to the official press, Roberto Rodríguez Fernández, head of the Specialized Traffic Body of the General Directorate of Police.

Rodríguez offered the accident rate data, tiptoeing over the management of the authorities. Just a day before, the Minister of Transport himself, Eduardo Rodriguez Davilaplaced at 40% the roads that present “an unfavorable technical state”, but Rodríguez preferred to quantify the responsibility of citizens.

“We lack signs, the technical state of the road and the vehicles are not adequate, but if you drive carefully and pay due attention, we could prevent the country from 35% of traffic accidents, 25% of deaths and 28% of the injured,” he said.

Rodríguez offered the data for the first five months of the year at a press conference. There were 3,620 traffic accidents and 2,807 people were injured, which means 448 accidents and 198 less injuries. “As long as a human being loses his life or is injured, we have to be dissatisfied with what has been done,” he lamented.

The data indicates that almost two Cubans die every day on the highways. Cuba’s aging motor fleet and the scarcity of public transport is one of the causes for many private vehicles to adapt, without security conditions, for the collective transport of passengers, favoring accidents, with fatal results.


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