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One and a half more tons of cocaine added to Marito’s narco-government

This Friday there was a seizure of a load of soybeans contaminated with cocaine. One more fact that is added to the narco-government of Mario Abdo Benítez.

The main operation headed by the Public Ministry was carried out in Puerto Caacupemí de Pilar, where loads of soybeans were verified inside which packages of drugs were found. The total amount of cocaine so far is just over 1.60 kilograms.

In the framework of the cargo investigation, there was also a raid on a warehouse in Limpio, where several documents were found.

The expectation is that in the next few hours more kilos of the drug can be found.

“The procedure is 1 year and 6 months old by the Intelligence Unit. Today we were able to verify that they were preparing another charge with a similar modus operandi,” said Commissioner César Silguero, head of Crime Investigation, in a conversation with ABC TV.

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This new seizure ratifies the boom gained by drug trafficking in our country in the last two years, with relevant cases such as mega shipments seized in European ports.

Former Minister of the Senate Arnaldo Giuzzio used a decree signed by President Mario Abdo Benítez the same day he took office (08/15/2018) so that two years later he dismantled a directorate that had anti-drug control bases in private ports with the objective of mitigate the export of drugs through the waterway. With this Abdo gave his former minister a “free hand” to “reorganize” the institution, having a responsibility over said secretariat because the Senate depends directly on the Presidency of the Republic. This “reorganization” it meant the abandonment of the controls in places from where large loads contaminated with tons of cocaine leave.

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Through the Paraguayan corridor created by Abdo Benítez and his drug government passed 47 tons of cocaine, it is what is known, the other 90% are probably already on the streets of the Old World. The commercial damage caused to the various items that have been contaminated so far is multimillion-dollar and no one seems to care about the dangers that Paraguayan products bear the stamp of suspicion of being linked to drug trafficking throughout the world.

a. Reports presented by the senator Enrique Riera They point out that, of the total drug trafficked, only 10% is seized, and they estimate that around 480 tons of drugs were moved through Paraguay, which have a market value of almost US$ 2,500 million. Nobody was moved. The pseudo-opposition, the NGOs, the aligned media.

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