Onamet vigila disturbio ubicado al este de las Antillas Menores

Onamet monitors disturbance located east of the Lesser Antilles

Santo Domingo.- The National Meteorology Office (Onamet) monitors a disturbance located southeast of the Lesser Antilles, which has a potential of 20% to reach the category of tropical depression in the next five days.

Onamet predicted that this phenomenon is advancing towards the Caribbean Sea at a speed between 15 to 20 miles per hour, although its potential remains low.

Vigil N disturbance located east of the Lesser Antilles

Likewise, the agency warned that the downpours will continue over some areas of the Dominican territory, due to the presence of a trough that continues to generate humidity in the northeast, southeast regions and populations near the Central Cordillera.

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Onamet urged the population to remain attentive to the official information that is issued in the remainder of the hurricane season in the Atlantic.

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