"On the side of Rodolfo Hernández there will be no dirty campaign"says Ingrid Betancourt

Ingrid Betancourt who declined his campaign for the Presidency of the Republic to support the candidacy of Rodolfo Hernandez, celebrated the triumph obtained by the former mayor of Bucaramanga and said that the country can be guaranteed coherence in its anti-corruption discourse and that he will not undertake a dirty campaign with a view to the second round of elections.

In dialogue with RCN Mundo, Betancourt pointed out that “on the side of Rodolfo Hernández’s campaign, it is not about attacking anyone personally, but about confronting the proposals. On our side there will be no dirty campaign, no tripping, no backstabbing, It’s kind of things that set the center apart.”

Also, he argued that “Rodolfo’s proposals and those that I support are to put an end to a regime of corruption that has us Colombians kidnapped”.

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Similarly, he assured that the speech of many people close to the Historical Pact is very limited, “to the point of attacking and seeking to discredit Rodolfo Hernándezdisqualifying him for being a candidate with a notable social media presence.”

In this sense, Ingrid Betancourt indicated that Rodolfo Hernández has been clear in receiving the support of any citizen who freely decides to accept his proposals, but that this does not mean that he is going to make government commitments with traditional parties.

Colombians are free to support Rodolfo’s option and we want to invite everyone to do so, this support is individual and based on conviction, but they are not suitable for machinery. Here there will be no alliances or dark pacts under the table, or distribution of anything,” Betancourt said.

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