On-Tenths: The new prices

I go out. People

just talk about inflation

and precariousness

of life in the present.

I look at everything. The environment

it’s a little rarefied,

depressing or depressed

I think of the people on foot.

In my family. And I dont know

what to say. I’m lost.

I’m going to buy at the market

from the corner of my house.

But what prices. who rate

the products that I have looked at?

Everything expensive. Too.

Very expensive. Awesome.

The gentleman who goes before

take a liver, weigh it,

and again he returns it

without buying from the merchant.

By the way, to the sellers

Cubans what happens to them?

Is the bad face on purpose?

Bad humors free?

They look at the buyers

with apathy and apathy.

teach the merchandise

like it was a favor.

The world upside down. How awful.

Is antipathy free?

It is as if they told us,

“If you don’t buy, I don’t care.”

Long beam vs. low beam?

Don’t they flinch, don’t they get upset?

It’s like they don’t suffer

for the suffering of others.

That everything is expensive?, well…

Don’t you have? Why are you getting in?

Oh and the wad of cash

It’s almost porn, it’s obscene.

Well, what I was (or am going to).

The prices are very high.

Expensive, very expensive products.

I don’t know what country I’m in.

Prices in Cuba today

They seem from another country.

The pockets in a tris

broken, turned inside out.

The whole month is the end of the month.

Is this Madrid or Paris?

Prices. Inflation. Life.

Economy. Wages.

Daily fights. daily scares.

Angry, hurt people.

The services, the food,

the taxis… rearrangements?


Life to the highest bidder?

But the worst part

is that of food.

A mango at 150.

An avocado at 200.

—Are they “panudos” or “watery?”

Is this for sale or is it resale?)

—Bróder, I don’t know.

—Bróder, how strong, how hard.

—Bróder, what a pity, what a rush.

—Asere, shut up a bit.

“A thousand?” “Shut up, crazy.”

—And how much does the future sell for?

They are all stark excesses.

There are no cheap products anymore.

A bag of sweet potatoes

At 150 pesos.

600 canes two cheeses.

A round loaf, 50.

Taro pound, 80.

oregano, 25.

Vinegar, 75.

Cumin and bijol at 30.

I did my “rearrangements”,

but the account does not come out.

A carton of eggs is worth

between 1000 and 1500.

Bags of bread at 200.

Cilantro mallets to 20.

Strings of garlic at 120

and a head of garlic

to 25 (fuck!:

there is no salary that does not burst).

Life has tripled.

Quadruplicate. It’s tremendous.

It has become a tour horrific

to go shopping at the market.

prices have skyrocketed

And the salary stays the same.

And the expensive light (monthly).

And the water also rose.

And in the store? I say.

And in the market or state?

The Sorting Task

(according to tv)

has left an inflation

up to 60%

(awful in food

and retail).

I have gaps in sight.

Radii and humerus hurt.

But I continue with the numbers,

that inflation misleads me.

in the state market

is 60%

and the 6,900

in the informal market!

a deadly situation

for the ordinary Cuban.

40 (or more) a coffee.

1,000 a bottle of rum.

At 500 the ham.

And the fish? I do not know.

Rice, beans, malanga,

lettuce, mango, tomato,

pumpkins, avocado,

plantain, yucas… from ampanga!

The word “bargain” died.

The word “offer” died.

The word “rebate” is dead.

The word “free”… wow!

—Asere, play a parlé,

Get pa’l game, wake up.

Pork (loin, steak,

rib or liver, it doesn’t matter)

It already looks like another animal.

The ram is not seen.

Fish? What is that!

Rabbit? – Oh, sweetheart.

And what are the rabbits?

Although I’m already a little old

here the only rabbit

is Bad (the one from reggaeton).

There are no quiet pockets anymore.

The whole market is hostile.

Chicken? From 1,000 to 6,000

(depending on the kilos).

Oh what nerves. Give me limes!

Give me a diazepam?

Diazepam ends in “bread”,

so forget it… nuh!

Regalado died.

what a thief what a camaján

And the one who is drunk embarks:

no salary is enough.

Beer? out of 120

up to 200 (per brand).

(Hatuey raises her eyebrows.

Bocoy frowns and counts).

A wine: between 180

and 600 (the cheap one).

“They hit me with the shoe.”

“No, with the belt, Pepper.”

Milk (powdered) 1200.

Onion at 160

(the mallet). – Add it up, Pepper!

so they don’t tell you stories!

The numbers are violent.

huge, freaky

Not counting daily expenses

(the cellar, the water, the gas,

transportation…) Does anyone able

to live on his salary?

Oil liter at 600.

The liver at “three seventy”

The spine to “four ninety”.

Milk (powdered) at 1,200.

A pizza at 400.

And add and continue. How sad.

I don’t want meme or joke

that this is serious. It is an ordeal.

If the salary goes away in eating,

What do people dress with?

Beans at 180.

There is no banana fruit.

A juice at 20 (oh my gosh!)

Creole rice at 70.

A lettuce 60.

An avocado at 200.

The cabbage changes at times.

Has a price in Luyano

and another in El Vedado (oh no!),

Does this fit into the hundreds?

The guava is at 70

The pound. and the pumpkin

to 30. But what happens!

Tomato in fruit at 60

(and up to 70 and 80).

Canned tomato, 200.

The happy sellers

And the sad buyers.

And more memes. And other jokes.

And come fights and stories.

I find it extraordinary

(I say it and swallow saliva)

that people survive

(or live) on his salary.

This is a daily problem.

The worst of our ills.

How do my peers do it,

if at all the cost rises?

Let’s do a test

with current wages.

If I win 2,500

and I go to buy at the market:

Pork is a sin.

Eggs? She forget it. inventions.

Fiddle. experiments.

Magic. Trap. Trick or Treating?

It’s enough for sweet potato

malangas and fruits (three).

And for the rest of the month?

Hunger is cheap.

If my salary is 3,000

and I go to buy at the market:

on a spine (bad heavy)

2,000 already left me.

In fruit and root vegetables, another 1,000.

In a taxi home, 100.

So far I go for 1,100.

I have 1,900 left.

I pay the light: 400.

1,500 remain. All right!?


If my salary is 5,000

and I go to buy at the market

in food (not too much)

and vegetables… there are already 1,000.

I add the meat: 2,000.

And they go 3000 (without receipt).

I dodge the mameyes,

but if I buy salad

(another 500). And more nothing.

1,500 remain. Alive?

Finally, this situation

looks like a dystopia

a phantasmagoria


How do they survive with?

How do they survive without?

sooty inflation

the present and the future.

Solution? I’m not sure.

Russian ending. Koniec. End.


I did some research

social, an experiment

and here they live “from the invention”

(the anti-inflation vaccine).

“The search” (solution

informal that I don’t understand).

Garage. The merolic.

remittance every month.

Super Market-23

Sale on FaceBook. revolico.

But what surprises me

is that the people in the queue

talk in a group or talk alone,

protest against the seller,

he gets angry, offended,

criticizes the buster,

denies the speculator,

but like a good Cuban,

does not lose, jabita in hand,

the sense of humor.

And memes and stories arrive,

jokes and mocking jokes,

of all situations

even food.

Screwed but happy?

tough females. tough men.

Smart and stupid.

Until I hear Mari Lola:

“Last in line?”

to talk bad about prices?

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