Ombudsmen from Latin America sign a joint declaration on Human Rights

A joint declaration on the protection of the Human Rights of people in situations of social conflict was signed, within the framework of the International Meeting for the Prevention and Transformation of Social Conflict, by the defenders of the people of Latin America.

The objective of this declaration is to work on methodologies at the regional level to protect the Human Rights of people in situations of social conflict, in order to guarantee the rights of peace, freedom, expression and assembly within the framework of a model of democratic governance,

Among the priorities of the document, which was signed in Medellin, Colombia, is strengthening the accompaniment in social protests and citizen mobilizations to ensure the exercise of peaceful processes that avoid the possible violation of people’s Human Rights; promoting tolerance, reconciliation and peace.

The commitment to transmit to the authorities the recommendation to respect the legal obligations of International Law is also acquired; as well as compliance with protocols that avoid the use of force before executing the dialogue as a tool to avoid conflicts where the State and the community can find sustainable solutions that provide a better quality of life.

This declaration was signed for Panama by the Ombudsman Eduardo Leblanc González; for Argentina, Defender Ismael Rins; for Colombia, Defender Carlos Camargo; for Ecuador, the Defender César Córdova; and the representatives of Brazil, Fernando Barbosa; Yumila Diaz from Honduras; Ana Martich for the Dominican Republic; Tito Zelada from El Salvador; Rolando Luque from Peru, Beatriz Contreras from Chile and Omar Monroy from Mexico.

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