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Ombudsman’s Office will continue training for security officials

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The Ombudsman it will continue with the training of officials that make up the country’s security forces, with courses, workshops and diplomas. In this regard, the Ombudsman, alfredo ruizexpressed “we recognize the role played by officials, who, adhering to the standards of police action, guarantee compliance with the principles, rights and duties, recognized and enshrined in the constitution, and in international treaties and pacts”.

These statements were made, during the celebration, this Sunday, Police Day. Likewise, he highlighted the importance of police officers who fulfill their role “to protect citizens and their assets; likewise, they protect public goods, maintain internal order, social peace and coexistence among all”.

Police Day is commemorated every July 16, since 1944, the same day of the Our Lady of Mount Carmelpatron saint of the Bolivarian Army.


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