Ombudsman's Office warns of weaknesses in the fight against corruption in Ayacucho

Ombudsman’s Office warns of weaknesses in the fight against corruption in Ayacucho

The head of the Ayacucho defense office, David Pacheco-Villar, warned that the State institutions linked to working on actions against corruption have serious weaknesses.

He reported that his office updated the information on the serious gaps that exist in the hiring of specialized personnel, logistics, furniture, transportation, and other areas of the Public Ministry, Comptroller’s Office, and the Office of the Specialized Prosecutor for Corruption Crimes, which limits its ability to respond to the corruption.

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“For example, the Attorney General’s Office hires all of its staff, except for the person in charge, by hiring services; the institutional control bodies do not have enough personnel and the prosecutor’s offices lack specialized experts. This situation must be reversed as soon as possible”, added Pacheco-Villar.

Finally, the Ombudsman’s Office reminds the authorities, public officials and civil servants that the fulfillment of their duties must always adhere to the current regulatory framework and the Code of Ethics for the Public Function to guarantee the principle of good administration and avoid incurring in acts of corruption or negligence in the exercise of their functions.

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