Ombudsman inspects educational center in Caracas

Ombudsman inspects educational center in Caracas

The ombudsman, Alfredo Ruiz, toured the facilities of the Armando Reverón National Basic School in the Santa Rosalía parish, El Cementerio, Caracas, as part of the inspection program for public and private educational centers.

In this regard, the head of the defense entity said that “this visit is carried out with the intention of following up at the national level, on the start of classes for the 2022-2023 school period and observing the enthusiasm of the students. In this institution there are more than 280 boys and girls studying from first to sixth grade”.

He also added: “Last week we were visiting the Gran Colombia School, which has more than five thousand students. We are reviewing large, small, initial, basic, middle and diversified educational centers, as well as technical schools. Fortunately we have seen that the attendance has been great”.

For her part, the director of the Basic School, Maigualida Díaz, stressed that the campus fulfills a variety of activities for its students, from cultural to sports, for which she considers it as a family.

The ombudsman highlighted the comprehensive recovery of the educational center by the community brigades, in conjunction with the Educational Buildings and Endowments Foundation (FEDE). In addition, it offers dental services to students, as well as cases from the community and other nearby educational centers.

It should be noted that this national human rights institution carried out during the months of March to June (2021-2022 school period), a total of 383 inspections in educational centers nationwide, at its different levels and modalities, in order to verify the general conditions, strengths and challenges to raise our recommendations for the benefit of the student population, as well as its workers.

The Ombudsman’s Office, once the return to classes was called by the competent authorities, corresponding to the school period (2022-2023), continued with its surveillance work and deployed its personnel nationwide, totaling 169 inspections to date. educational centers in the country.

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