Ombudsman calls for speed in the investigations into the death of the inspector

Ombudsman calls for speed in the investigations into the death of the inspector

May 30, 2023, 20:10 PM

May 30, 2023, 20:10 PM

This Tuesday, the Ombudsman, Pedro Callisaya, requested speed to the investigation into the death of the inspector from the Fassil bank, Carlos Alberto Colodro López (63), to give certainty to the Bolivian population and clarify this case, which is being investigated for the crime of homicide-suicide.

“From the Ombudsman’s Office we ask the corresponding instances and the competent authorities that they can develop an investigation process, within the framework of due process and that is quick to provide certainty not only to the relatives of Mr. Colodro, but also to the entire Bolivian society,” he said at a press conference.

Callisaya mourned the death of the inspector and recognized that this death has caused payments to be delayed of the social benefits of former employees of the financial entity that was intervened.

“The Ombudsman has been following the intervention of Banco Fassil since the first days and fundamentally watching over the rights of workers. In the meetings that our ombudsman delegate has had in Santa Cruz, an initial agreement has been reached that It must have been executed this past Monday (regarding the payment of salaries) and that unfortunately, due to the death of the inspector, it has not been possible to carry out ”, he lamented.

The Ombudsman also asks that a new person be installed in the position of auditor to comply with the work that Colodro had already carried out, especially the benefit payments of the former Fassil employees who are mobilized.

Meanwhile, the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office They have already completed the collection of evidence. in the different expert reports that were carried out in the Ambassador building, in the Equipetrol area. However, the results of these analyzes could take 20 days, according to the Santa Cruz Prosecutor’s Office.

What is expected is that the Minister of Government, Eduardo Del Castillo, reveals the results of the expert opinion carried out on the posthumous letter that Carlos Colodro supposedly wrote.

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