Olmedo Guillén: “If I win the CD primaries, I will be the next president of this country”

Angel Valdes | May 29, 2023

The presidential candidate for the Cambio Democrático (CD) party, Olmedo Guillén, was on Radio Panama talking about the primaries of his political group, where he explained that his candidacy has a serious proposal to move the country forward when he becomes President of the Republic .

For Guillén, the other candidates only seek to accommodate themselves without a real proposal for Panamanians “both candidates who represent the electoral offer of the party, both Rómulo Roux and Yanibel Ábrego are not bad, they are very bad and that is why our figure emerges with so much strength without major propaganda and publicity expenses, our name of Olmedo Guillén begins to ring and ring”.

In the case of Ricardo Martinelli, the pre-candidate Guillén, considers that he is a very astute person for deception “Martinelli must be recognized that he has a genius for deceiving people and that is what he has dedicated himself to, to confuse, in the CD’s last internal campaign, he got fully involved in the campaign and failed miserably”.

He also considers that if he wins the primary elections of the CD, he will be the next president of Panama, “Whoever knows about politics, knows about the existence of Olmedo Guillén, in the end if I win the Cambio Democrático primaries, who do you think will be the next president of this country, Olmedo Guillén”.

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