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Olimpia is reunited with victory at the cost of the beaten Guaraní

For the third date of Intermediate 2022, Sportivo Luqueño today agonizingly surpassed February 3 and became the only leader of the Second Division championship. Pablo Marisi, in the seventh minute of addition, scored the 1-0 at Feliciano Cáceres.

From the beginning of the match, the procedure had Auriazul as the protagonist, taking the initiative when looking for the rival goal. However, the forcefulness did not appear throughout the meeting.

In the 52nd minute, Ismael Roa was sent off for a double warning and left the Ciudad del Este team with 10 players.

When it seemed that everything ended equal to zero, the Argentine Pablo Marisi took advantage of a series of rebounds inside the visiting area and, at 90 + 7 ‘, converted the goal that made the difference in Luque’s day.

With this result, those led by Miguel Zahzú achieved their third victory in a row and, with 9 points, lead the championship alone.

On February 3, led by Mauro Caballero, he was defeated for the first time in this tournament and stopped at 4 units in the middle of the standings.

– Iteño also won –

In the first game on Tuesday, Sportivo Iteño won a valuable victory by beating Deportivo Santaní 1-0 as a visitor with a goal by Fernando Díaz after 2 minutes.

Thus, the Itá team added its first points while the Santanians are still unable to win and accumulate only 1 unit.

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