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Olimpia, for shaking off the bad moment in front of the ’12’

On October 12, penultimate in the standings with 7 points, he arrives at today’s event with only one victory so far in the tournament –on date 3 against Ameliano– and with a total of six matches without wins: in his most recent presentation, tied in an agonizing way with Resistencia (1-1).

El Franjeado, meanwhile, appears today after falling for the Libertadores during his visit to Peñarol. As for the Apertura, they suffered two defeats in their most recent games –against Resistencia and Nacional–, stopping by 14 points and being distanced from the fight for the top.


October 12 °: Rodrigo Gimenez; Cesar Benitez, Paulo Da Silva, Sixto Ramirez, Rodrigo Alborno; Jorge Núñez, Osmar Molinas, Aldo Vera, Jorge González; David Mendieta, Ronald Roa. DT: Sergio Orteman.

Olympia: Gaston Olveira; Sergio Otálvaro, Luis Zárate, Saúl Salcedo, Mateo Gamarra; Fernando Cardozo, Hugo Quintana, Richard Ortiz, Jorge Recalde; Diego Duarte, Walter Gonzalez. DT: Julio Cesar Caceres.


Referee: Giancarlos Juliadoza

Assistants: Milciades Saldívar and Darío Gaona

Fourth referee: David Ojeda

VAR: Derlis Lopez

AVAR: Jose Cuevas

Support Referee: Rodney Aquino

The entrance Olimpia, for shaking off the bad moment in front of the ’12’ was first published in diary TODAY.

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