Old dump trucks reduce their pollution levels

Old dump trucks reduce their pollution levels

The Volquetera Association of Bogotá and Cundinamarca (Asovolbocun) voluntarily increased the biofuel mixture in 264 dump trucks and truckscontributing to improve the air quality of the capital and the region.

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For this, it has the support of Primax Colombia, which through its service stations will be responsible for ensuring the supply of this fuel.
Biodiesel, being plant-based and sustainablereduces the polluting emissions of these vehicles by up to 80%.

This determination creates a immediate effect on city air qualityand does not require an investment in technology for the owners of these vehicles, since it is a complementary measure that allows dump trucks and truckers to meet emission standards, while formulas and strategies are designed by which those can be replaced. machines.

This project has the support of authorities such as the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in addition to the biodiesel producer Bio D, fuel distributor Toro Gas and also the support of Fedebiocombustibles.

As Biomax explained to Portafolio, “Biodiesel, as it does not contain sulfur or aromatic hydrocarbons in its chemical composition, when mixed with fossil diesel, proportionally reduces these compounds. This is how B20 contains less than 9 parts per million of sulfur, classifying it as an ‘Ultra Low Sulfur’ fuel”.
Biodiesel, being of plant and sustainable origin, reduces polluting emissions from vehicles by up to 80%.

Although octane rating is not measured here -because it refers to gasoline-, in the case of diesel the characteristic is the cetane number and for diesel B20 the cetane number is 51, being a little higher than the diesel that is marketed in the country and Bogotá, which is at 49 cetane numbers.

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According to data from the Single National Traffic Registry (Runt) in 2019, 60% of diesel vehicles in the country had Euro II engines.


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