Officials of the elected governor of Arequipa, Rohel Sánchez

Officials of the elected governor of Arequipa, Rohel Sánchez

The elected governor of Arequipa, Rohel Sanchezhe appointed his first officials who will accompany him at the beginning of his management and the majority come from the National University of San Agustinconsidering that Sánchez was rector of this university house.

Although the announcement was scheduled for this morning, with the presentation of his managers in public, Sánchez suspended the event and through a press release communicated the list of professionals who will occupy the highest position in the different managements.

Although in the morning he assured that none of the outgoing management officials would be in your staff group trustworthy, there two people listed. This is the regional manager of Education, Norma Huichiwho will stay in charge.

While Norma Mamani Coila, who until today served as manager of Planning and Budget, from January will be the manager of Promotion of Private Investment.


  • Leonidas Zavala Lazo, general manager of the Regional Government of Arequipa. He was general manager of Seal and director of Administration of the National University of San Agustín.
  • Constantina Olivares Moscoso, Health Manager. She is a professor at the National University of San Agustín, specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She worked in the Regional Health Directorate of Cusco.
  • Jose Aquice Cardenas, Regional Transport Manager. He is a lawyer and public accountant. He worked as a legal analyst at the Secretary of Demarcation and Territorial Planning of the Vice Ministry of Governance of the PCM.
  • Noemi Huichi Atamari, will remain as regional manager of Education. She is a secondary school teacher, graduated from UNSA, with a master’s degree in Sustainable Tourism Management and a PhD in Education.
  • Jose Paredes Sanchez, Regional Manager of Agriculture. Agronomist engineer, graduated from the National University of the Altiplano. He was president of the Autonomous Authority of the Tambo – Moquegua Hydrographic Basin, Technical Administrator of Tambo Alto, and Technical Manager of the La Joya Nueva Users’ Board.
  • Yakir Rozas Manya, Regional Manager of Energy and Mines, he is a Geological Engineer graduated from the San Antonio Abad National University of Cusco. He was the regional director of Energy and Mines of Madre de Dios, with experience in the extractive mining sector and the process of formalizing small-scale mining and artisanal mining.
  • James Llerena Torres, Regional Infrastructure Manager. Civil Engineer from UNSA, with experience as a works supervisor in municipalities.
  • Victor Hugo Quispe Rodriguez, Planning, Budget and Land Management Manager.
  • Isaías Charaja Montaño, Project Supervision and Settlement Manager
  • Norma Mamani CoilaPrivate Investment Promotion Manager
  • Jorge Meza CruzManager of Foreign Trade and Tourism
  • Luis Antonio Vargas Shockproduction manager.
  • Libya Coaguila Mamani, Development and Social Inclusion manager.
  • Catherine Rodriguez TorreblancaManager of Labor and Employment Promotion.
  • Jacinto Rosas FernandezManager of Housing Construction and Sanitation.
  • Juan Chenguayen Rospigliosidirector of Copasa Special Project
  • Ysolina Berroa Atencioadministrator of the Regional Government of Arequipa.
  • Guadalupe Suclla Zuñiga, Regional Office of National Defense and Civil Defense – Guadalupe Suclla Zuñiga

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