Officials of the Central Post start peaceful demonstrations demanding greater security in the compound

In response to the latest incidents recorded during the night of last Tuesday on the outskirts of the former Central Post, the workers of the same, considered a peaceful demonstration to have begun, in order to demand greater security guarantees, for which they require also the presence of government authorities.

This was reported by the president of the syndicate of the Association of Technicians of the former Posta Central, Leonor Carrizo, to CNNChilewho emphasized that the visit of the Undersecretary of Assistance Networks, Fernando Araos, is necessary to provide them with a protocol with effective security measures, which allow them to work in a calm manner.

“What we have been constantly requesting is security to enter and leave, because these demonstrations take place right at the time of entry of a shift and exit of others, and there are minutes in which it has not been possible to leave, that it has not been possible overcome this because the conduct, the behavior of the people who come to demonstrate is not appropriate for a hospital,” he said.

“We are taking risks, because bonfires are set up at the entrance to the street and the adjacent streets, so it is already dangerous to go out a couple of blocks to take a bus. So, who is responsible for the safety of patients and the Our safety? That is the question we asked the highest authority of this hospital,” he added.

The demonstration began after a meeting with the director of the Central Post, Dr. Valentín López, who reportedly replied that “studies are being carried out to install a strategy.” Given this, Carrizo pointed out that “this strategy cannot wait any longer.”

“People in the emergency room work under permanent tension, because they don’t know when they are going to cross the screen, because at some point they will make it, because some may be more excited than others and try to enter, and if they haven’t entered in these last two nights is because the staff has prevented it,” he emphasized.

Among the disturbances, which occurred in the framework of a call in support of the journalist Francisca Sandoval, who is in vital risk after being shot while covering a march for Labor Day, various looting and attempts to enter supermarkets were recorded. located near the hospital.

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