Officials and leaders of the FdT expressed good expectations after the assumption of Massa

Sergio Massa's swearing-in ceremony Photo Alejandro Santa Cruz
Sergio Massa’s swearing-in ceremony (Photo: Alejandro Santa Cruz).

Officials and leaders of the Frente de Todos (FdT) expressed their good expectations after the assumption of Sergio Massa as head of the Ministry of Economy, emphasizing that the appointment of the official not only expresses the “cohesion” of the ruling coalition but also points to “solve the problems” of the majority of society.

Among the governors, Omar Perotti from Santa Fe greeted the new team with “the greatest wishes of success” and pointed out on social networks that “we must join efforts to overcome this difficult context”, while his peer from Catamarca, Raúl Jalilassured Massa that he has “the people” of that province and his own management to “continue working together for the growth and development of the Argentina that we dream of.”

The Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernándezaffirmed that the new minister “has a very strong task, he is a man who knows the subject and has put together a nice work team. I have a lot of confidence,” he said.

“Sergio is a very capable political man, who is going to come in very handy for the government but, ultimately, for Argentina, which is the main interest,” he reasoned. Environment Minister Juan Cabandéafter the act of assumption in the Casa Rosada.

The Buenos Aires Government Minister, Cristina Álvarez Rodríguezmaintained that he had the “best expectations” and wished Massa to have the “best management” so that “he can transform the things that are pending.”

For its part, the deputy of the FdT and head of the Central of Workers of Argentina (CTA), Hugo Yasky, He said that Massa “is a man who knows the reality of the suburbs well” and “is not a technocrat who is in a cloud of theories.”

For Yasky, “the first thing is to stabilize an economy that was subjected to a storm. We are looking forward to moving on to another screen with fewer increases in food prices,” Yasky said.

Photo Alejandro Santa Cruz
(Photo: Alejandro Santa Cruz).

The union leader asked “to sit down and listen to all the sectors linked to national production. We must give priority to the industry, the productive sector and, of course, the workers. We must recompose the salary,” he added.

From the CGT, Antonio Caló He pointed out that “the expectation that we workers and the labor movement have is what the whole country has: hopefully the economy, inflation and the rise in excessive prices will get back on track.”

“We, as a labor movement, are going to accompany Sergio in whatever is necessary and the President (Alberto Fernández) even more,” Caló stressed in statements to TN.

The appointed Secretary of Commerce, Matías Tombolini, told C5N that the arrival of Massa implies having “expectations in a government that found a horizon of unity, new and with a lot of dialogue.”

While, MP Daniel Gollan considered that “there is a great expectation that is in the majority of the Argentine population”.

“We have come from very difficult stages that have to do with the pandemic and the war, and a government must be relaunched and this is what our President has done with a figure that is arousing interest and hope,” he insisted, in dialogue with C5N.

For its part, Deputy Eduardo Valdes he stressed that the country “deserved this hope that has been generated from the arrival of Massa.”

“He is going to be a man attentive to the urgent needs that we Argentines have: inflation, the table of the Argentines and that the most humble can make ends meet,” the legislator remarked in statements to C5N.

The referent of We are Barrios de Pie, Daniel Menéndezhighlighted “the cohesion of the FdT” from the appointment of Massa and maintained, in statements to TN, that the appointment “can help decompress the situation of speculation and extortion in some sectors” and “solve the problems of the majority “.

In dialogue with the same channel, social leader Luis D’Elía bet that Massa “is going to do a good job” and considered that he must “recover political stability” in order to “return to economic stability.”

The head of the Inadi, Victoria Donda, he stressed that “if there is someone with capacity, commitment and love for Argentina, it is Sergio Massa”.

And she added from Twitter: “Dear Sergio, I am sure that you will work tirelessly to solve the problems of our country, thinking about the urgencies of the present and with an eye on improving our future.”

After the act, the owner of Aysa, Malena Galmarini, wife of Massadefined the brand new Economy Minister as a “man with a lot of talent, training and who relies a lot on dialogue with all sectors”.

For its part, former official Fernando “Pato” Galmarini, Massa’s father-in-lawaffirmed that the arrival of the official generates “many” expectations and the “security that it will go very well for him and the Argentines.”

In statements to El Destape Web, Galmarini assured that his partner Moria Casan “loves Sergio very much” and expressed his desire for a “new stage for Argentina” to begin, which is also “a continuation of the Government of Alberto and Cristina (Fernández) taking steps forward”.

For its part, the Argentine ambassador to Spain, Ricardo Alfonsínexpressed from Twitter his “most sincere wish for the greatest success” to Massa in the task at the head of the Palacio de Hacienda.

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