Officialized the assistance program "Dairy Impulse"

Officialized the assistance program "Dairy Impulse"

The official program seeks to “financially assist small and medium-sized dairy farmers”. Photo: archive.

The Ministry of Economy regulated this Tuesday the assistance program “Impulso Tambero” which, with an investment of $9.100 million, is aimed at small and medium-sized producers in the sectoraffected by the drought and the impact of the so-called “soybean dollar” on the costs of food and land rental, whose value -in the latter case- is usually set in quintals of soybeans.

The initiative, announced by Minister Sergio Massa two weeks ago in an act in the Cordoba city of Villa María, Resolution 27/2023 published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette was formalized and contemplates a monthly benefit that will be granted for four consecutive months that It will be financed with the income of the “soybean dollar” in concept of withholdings that were collected in the Exporter Increase Fund.

The armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the drought “affecting the productive areas” produced “an increase in the production costs of the dairy sector, especially in relation to the acquisition of inputs derived from soybeans to feed livestock and the cost of leases”, the resolution states in its recitals.

What is it and how to sign up

The program grants a fixed sum in pesos per liter of milk for four months, according to two strata: those who have produced a daily average between October 2021 and September 2022 of up to 1,500 liters, will receive $15 per liter; while those who have registered an average of more than that amount and up to 5,000 liters will receive $10 per liter, with a maximum monthly compensation amount of $600,000 for both categories.

For the determination of the average daily liters the total number of liters declared to the AFIP will be taken, dividing it by 365.

In this way, it seeks to “financially assist small and medium-sized dairy farmers in order to increase the supply of milk, optimize their production systems and improve their profitability, allowing producers to deal with the production of fodder reserves for the hottest months.” critics of the activity”, explains the regulations.

Interested producers may register in the next 15 administrative business daysthat is, until February 6.

For this they must Go to the AFIP website ( with Tax Code, and then enter the service “Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries – Self-management SAGyP”.

In the case of not being adhered to the service, they must enter the “Fiscal Code Relations Administrator” and carry out the corresponding procedure.

Among other required data, an email address and the Uniform Bank Code (CBU) of a bank account in pesos in the name of the producer must be provided, where the corresponding benefit will be deposited on a monthly basis.

Once the information provided by the AFIP and the Integrated Management System of the Argentine Dairy (Siglea) was obtained, the The Ministry of Agriculture will approve the list of beneficiaries in a resolution and will determine their corresponding compensations.

Despite the current situation in recent months, the resolution highlights that the dairy sector “has sustained its activity, reaching during the year 2022 one of the highest production volumes in our history and with an export record of around US$ 1,700 million annually, far exceeding the 2021 period where just over “US$ 1,300 million” were exported.

Massa remarked when announcing the measure that it “allows return half of what the sector pays in withholdings on public investmenta”.

The program “was consulted with the provincial governments, entities and production references,” said the national director of Dairy, Arturo Videla, in radio statements.

“It is focused and intended to respond to 79% of the producers of the 10,300 dairy farms that the Argentine dairy has,” said the official, who indicated that other measures for the sector are being studied, including a reduction in withholdings for the powdered milk to match other dairy products such as cheeses and butter.

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