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Official media publish edited video of the Saratoga hotel explosion

MIAMI, United States. – This Friday, official media such as Cubadebate and spokesmen for the Cuban regime like the youtuber Cuban Warrior released a video — apparently from a security camera — showing the minutes before and after the Saratoga hotel explosion.

Although both official media and independent They have said that the recording corresponds to the exact moment of the explosion, in fact the video – which was edited – omits that moment.

In the recording, a dense cloud of smoke immediately follows the images of passers-by and cars on the street. However, the expansion of the smoke and the cut made in editing show that the exact moment of the explosion was omitted from the video.

In the images you can see the tanker truck that was unloading liquefied gas in the hotel at the time of the explosion, presumably caused by an escape of that fuel.

The Saratoga Hotel tragedy

So far, the explosion has claimed the lives of 46, mostly hotel workers. According to most recent party of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), 99 people were injured, of which 13 are still hospitalized and 40 have been discharged.

This Thursday, the rescue team that was in the ruins of the hotel found the body of the last missing person, presumably a worker from the hotel facility who had not been found.

This was announced on Facebook by the state site Cubadebate: “On the afternoon of this May 12, the body of the last person disappeared as a result of the accident at the Saratoga hotel was found, apparently the waitress of the tourist facility itself.”

The explosion, which according to Alexis Acosta Silva, mayor of Old Havana, took place when a liquefied gas bullet was being fitted in the hotel, caused the entire facade of the building, located in front of the Capitol of Havana, to blow up. .

The fatalities were mainly hotel workers who were inside the building at the time, and people who were passing by. Most of the dead were Cubans, except for one spanish tourist that he was on vacation on the Island and was walking, at that moment, through one of the streets surrounding the building.

Among the deceased are also four children and a pregnant woman.

The Cuban government decreed this Thursday official duel for the tragedy.

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