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Official inflation preview rises to 1.73% in April, says IBGE

The National Consumer Price Index 15 (IPCA-15), which measures the preview of official inflation, was 1.73% in April this year. The result was above the rates of March this year (0.95%) and April 2021 (0.60%). This is the biggest monthly change since February 2003 (2.19%) and the biggest one for a month of April since 1995 (1.95%).Official inflation preview rises to 1.73% in April, says IBGE

As a result, the IPCA-15 accumulates a rate of 4.31% in the year. In 12 months, the accumulated rate reached 12.03%, above the 10.79% accumulated in the IPCA-15 of March. The data were released today (27) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

Eight of the nine spending groups saw prices rise in April. The biggest impact came from transport, which registered inflation of 3.43% in the month’s preview.

Among the items that stood out in the period are fuels, which increased by 7.54%, due to the increase in gasoline prices (7.51%), diesel oil (13.11%), ethanol (6.60% ) and vehicle gas (2.28%).

Another group of expenses with an important increase was food and beverages (2.25%), with price increases in products such as tomatoes (26.17%), long-life milk (12.21%), carrots (15.02%) , soybean oil (11.47%), potato (9.86%) and French bread (4.36%).

Other highlights were housing (1.73%), clothing (1.97%), household articles (0.94%), personal expenses (0.52%), health and personal care (0.47%) , education (0.05%). The only group with deflation (falling prices) was communication (-0.05%).

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