Offensive against robbery leaves six people captured in Bogotá

Offensive against robbery leaves six people captured in Bogotá

The Metropolitan Police of Bogotá through different operations announced the capture of people for the crime of theft, in different modalities.

The Police inspection officer, Lieutenant Colonel Rubén Darío Gaitán, referred to the capture of a person of foreign nationality and seizure of the elements that he had previously stolenin the town of Puente Aranda.

“In the different patrols that are carried out in order to prevent any criminal act, the capture of a person for the crimes of theft and violence against a public servant is achieved”, he added.

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In turn, he reported that “in a courageous act a patrol car reduces a criminal, who was inside a dairy product warehouse, when entering the criminal injures the patrol partner and tries to deprive her of the endowment weaponin a quick reaction of our uniformed officer, reduces it and captures it”.

Captures for theft

On the other hand, in the town of Antonio Nariño, officer Gaitán assured that a person was captured for this same crime.

A capture is made of a person who works in an ambulance as a paramedicis arrested since she is accused by a person, who minutes before had been transported to a medical center and accuses her of having stolen some belongings that are found later, “he said.

Similarly, in the town of Usaquén, the inspection officer of the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá, Lieutenant Colonel Ricardo de los Ríos, announced that, “through the different registration controls and background checks on vehicles and people, the capture of a citizen and the recovery of some elements that would have been stolen minutes before is achieved”.

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In addition, in the town of Barrios Unidos, the official from Los Ríos pointed out that, “with different controls and searches of vehicles and people, three criminals are arrested for the crime of theft”.

“The timely call to 123 and the prompt reaction of the patrols which activate the padlock plan, thus managing to intercept a vehicle with three occupants who moments before through the opportunity factor they would have stolen the computer of another car”, he concluded.

According to figures from the Bogota Police, so far this year there have been 46,651 complaints of theft of persons in the city.

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