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Of the elections in La Guardia

In the last subnational elections of March 7, 2021, in the Municipality of La Guardia, an unprecedented event took place, the MAS won the mayoral elections, for the first time in history in an electoral process in this Municipality. Clemencio Chinahuanca assumes as mayor in May and a few months later another singular event occurs, because on October 10, of the same 2021, he dies on a trip in the department of La Paz. Before the death of the mayor, and as established by the Electoral Regime Law, a new election must be held and a mayor or mayor must be elected for this municipality.

Given this situation, the Municipal Council elects an interim mayor in October 2021, who falls on the MAS councilor, Rodrigo Valverde, who made little or no progress in the process of holding new elections, and it is only on March 17, 2022 that the Municipal Council approves the Municipal Autonomous Law No. 277 and it is signed by the current interim mayor, also from the MAS, Rufino Correa; This Municipal Law of Approval of the Registration of Partial Cash and Bank Balance and Interinstitutional Budget Modification of Transfer to the Plurinational Electoral Body, for the extraordinary election of the Municipal Mayor, amounts to Bs 1,269,079 (One million two hundred sixty-nine thousand seventy and nine Bolivians)

After almost seven months of the death of the mayor, the passage of two interim mayors, and many twists and turns to reach the transfer of economic resources for the new elections, the date scheduled for the coming September 4, although the Court The Departmental Electoral Commission of Santa Cruz has not yet issued the electoral calendar corresponding to this electoral process, which would definitively establish the date of the election and all the activities contemplated for that purpose.

We hope that, for the certainty of the population of La Guardia, time will not continue to be delayed and a swift and transparent election process will be carried out, and that it will be the citizens of La Guardia who decide who will be the mayor who will hold the reins of their Municipality. until the year 2026.

Paul Olmos

political scientist

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