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Odebrecht: what Jorge Barata’s payrolls reveal in Peru

Odebrecht: what Jorge Barata's payrolls reveal in Peru accessed documents that the Office of the Attorney General of Brazil sent to Public ministry Peruvian, the same that contain records of the parallel accounting of Odebrecht and the illicit payments made by the multinational construction company in Peru.

The report of this investigative journalism organization states that one of those documents is the list of accounting movements of the secret payroll Jorge Barata for the year 2006.

Between bribes and hidden campaign contributions, the Odebrecht Structured Operations Sector, also known as the Box 2, recorded disbursements of more than US $ 9.7 million.

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In that election year, the codinomes related to that electoral campaign received a total of US $ 565 thousand, according to the worksheet Cheap.

There they are Boca Torta (US $ 320 thousand); Apra (US $ 105 thousand); Laque (US $ 60 thousand), which, according to Barata, would be the Aprista Luis Alva Castro; Fujitivo (US $ 30 thousand); FIM (US $ 25 thousand); Xaxa (US $ 20 thousand) and P. Now (US $ 5 thousand).

On November 18, the prosecutor Carol Cuba, of the Special Team Lava Jato of the Peruvian Public Ministry, will interrogate Jorge Barata in Sao Paulo, Brazil about the hidden contributions delivered to Lourdes Flores.

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Another fact that mentions about the 2006 payroll is that the bribes that paved the way for the Odebrecht works, awarded during the Government of Alejandro Toledo, intensified after the change of command.

Between January and July 2006, with Toledo in the presidency, the payments registered in this payroll total US $ 2 million 612 thousand. Between August and December, with Alan García in the presidency, the annotated bribes reached US $ 7,994,000.

It is said that the bribe agreed between Toledo and Cheap it was for a total of US $ 30 million in exchange for the award of the South Interoceanic Highway. And to continue with the road work, Barata agreed that same year a bribe of US $ 3 million with Luis Nava Guibert, secretary of the presidential office of Alan García, as Barata himself declared.

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The report also notes that while Toledo took office in 2006, 30 illegal disbursements were registered, of which six were related to the Interoceánica Sur. During the Aprista period, 62 bribery payments were recorded, 30 were linked to the same road work.

Bribed 2006-2011

On this point, recalls that in 2017 Marcelo Odebrecht, former president of the Brazilian company, declared that between 2006 and 2011 he made campaign contributions to the presidential candidates Alan García, Lourdes Flores, Ollanta Humala, Keiko Fujimori, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and Alejandro Toledo.

Between 2006 and 2011, 697 disbursements appear. An important piece of information that this worksheet shows is the consolidation of Odebrecht’s corruption system. Between these years, the beneficiaries of the ‘unaccounted payments’ spreadsheets kept by Barata hid behind 75 codinomes, which received US $ 57.2 million from an illicit source. The payments were charged to the budgets of 16 projects. Of these, 14 correspond to infrastructure works.

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The work that generated the highest amount of illegal payments was the South Interoceanic Highway. It registered disbursement requests for US $ 41.9 million. The second budget is that of the ‘DS-JB’ project for US $ 7.8 million and 19 pseudonyms.

Then follows the Electric Train, with 3.3 million distributed among seven aliases; and that of the North Interoceanic Highway, with US $ 1.3 million for 14 anonymous characters.

Regarding the codinomes of the most bribed Peruvians in this period, ‘Oriente’ leads it with US $ 29 million. It is followed by ‘Comissao’, related to the South and North interoceanic networks, with the concession of the Olmos water project, a sanitation work in Iquitos, and with Barata’s direct payroll. To this pseudonym, 53 payments for US $ 2.4 million were recorded.

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He counted 203 codinomes in the spreadsheets

To understand the files accessed by, the group of investigative journalists systematized the records in four databases. Total, counted 203 codinomes related to Peru only in these spreadsheets.

It specifies that more than a hundred of these pseudonyms were not known before this documentation reached the prosecutors in charge of the investigations.

It also indicates that the payrolls of Ricardo Boleira, the Brazilian who replaced Jorge Barata in 2012 as superintendent director of Odebrecht in Peru, will also have other stories to tell.

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