Odebrecht: Hearing continues this Friday with pleadings from remaining defense attorneys

This Thursday, September 22, the hearing for the Odebrecht case continued, where the prosecutor Mahdmad Daud Daud, on behalf of the Public Ministry, conclusively indicated that they had finished their allegations, the punishable act and that the connection of the accused is fully accredited.

“This is a bribery case, the most iconic money laundering case in the Republic of Panama and the region, and we are absolutely sure that after this procedural phase all the defendants will be called to trial so that the ordinary hearing can take place. respective,” he reiterated.

He stated that the file is strong, the elements are there and they are sure that the judge, after passing the corresponding processes, will call a trial and in the ordinary hearing the conviction of all these people who “violated the trust of the citizens” will be requested. and criminal law.

It should be noted that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor requested the summons to trial for 49 natural persons and one legal person for the crime Against the Economic Order, in the Money Laundering modality.

This Friday, the hearing will continue with the argument of the defense attorneys that are needed.

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