Ochoa Antich announces intention to run for Ombudsman

Ochoa Antich announces intention to run for Ombudsman

The politician and writer Enrique Ochoa Antich announced his intention to present his name, before the National Assembly, to be elected as the new Ombudsman.

Interviewed on the show arguments, broadcast by the private channel Globovisión; Antich pointed out that the person who is elected as Ombudsman, should focus on the construction of unity and national reconciliation.

“It is an institution that has completely disappeared from the national political scene. It is not an institution that has powers such as the Prosecutor’s Office or the Comptroller’s Office, but it has the capacity to speak out, to claim. It is a moral, ethical institution,” Antich said during the interview.

“The first task is for their voice to be heard in the based and constructive denunciation of the massive violation of human rights that occurs in Venezuela,” he added.

In this regard, he reported that he sent a letter to several deputies – both from the ruling party and from the opposition – to announce his intention to run for the Ombudsman’s Office.

In the letter, a press release refers, Ochoa Antich recalls the conversations he has had with human rights organizations, including officials from the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights and the International Criminal Court.

“Human rights must be a matter of State and not a throwing weapon against the adversary in the quagmire of subordinate politics,” he pointed out.

“So I will wait, according to what the AN decides, to complete the steps corresponding to my application,” adds the writer in the letter.

It should be remembered that the National Assembly approved on May 12 the appointment of Daniel Ramirez Herrera as provisional public defender of Venezuela, while the Nominations Committee evaluates the candidacies to choose the public defender and his substitute.

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