OAS mission communicated yesterday with the Prosecutor's Office and the Ombudsman

OAS mission communicated yesterday with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ombudsman

After the uncertainty that was generated as a result of a supposed provisional agenda of the special mission of the Permanent Council of the that will arrive in Peru this Sunday, it was finally confirmed that the Public Ministry and the Ombudsman will meet with the high-level group.

Until Wednesday night, it was known that the mission had only held meetings with the head of state, Pedro Castillo; the president of the Congress,; the parliamentary spokesmen and the head of the Judiciary, Elvia Barrios, as well as civil groups to be specified.

According to sources from this newspaper, just yesterday – and after criticism of the limited provisional list of guests of the OAS mission – it was confirmed that the group representing the international organization will listen to the Nation’s prosecutor, Patricia Benavides.

Also, sources of reported that yesterday they were formally invited to meet on Tuesday, November 22. “The Ombudsman (Eliana Revollar) is coordinating with her deputies what will be her presentation”, they advanced to this medium.

Confirmation of a possible appointment with the State Attorney General’s Office is pending, as well as specifying which organizations and religious groups, businessmen, civil society and unions will receive on their way through Lima.

In dialogue with theit transcended that “joined forces” with the Peruvian Press Council (CPP) to agree a meeting with the OAS, but they still have no response.

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Until today (yesterday) we do not have any kind of response, despite the fact that we have requested the meeting more than three weeks ago”, lamented Zuliana Lainez, president of the ANP.

The reality of the country

Once in Peru, the high-level group sent by the OAS Permanent Council will be able to “verify” the signs of corruption in the administration of President Pedro Castillo.

This was maintained by the former Ombudsman Walter Albanwho pointed out that after meeting with state and private institutions, “it will be difficult for them to think that the president is clear of all suspicion”.

I think there will be an opportunity for the OAS to verify that the accusations and investigations in which the president is involved are not an invention, nor is he so innocent. There are, indeed, very clear indications of corruption in this government that compromise very close people, even his own family”, he declared to Peru21.

The former minister also considered that the elements are sufficient to consider that Castillo could have direct participation in the alleged criminal network, and called on the authorities to take advantage of the OAS visit.

There is the possibility of establishing a kind of dialogue table with the intervention of the OAS mission representing different sectors, including civil society, and that this could open the way for us to reduce the mandate of both the Executive and Congress, to call elections with a transitory constitutional modification”, he commented.

Keep in mind

  • After the visit to Peru, the high-level group will issue a report “in the shortest possible time,” which will be presented to the OAS Permanent Council.
  • The delegation will arrive in Lima this Sunday and will conclude its work on Wednesday, November 23.
  • Among its members, there are representatives of governments that sympathize with 21st century socialism, such as Belize, Argentina, Colombia and Costa Rica.
  • To call new elections, a minimum of political reforms are required to avoid another crisis”, said former defender Walter Albán.


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