NY Dominicans support PLD senator request to lower consular documents

NEW YORK.- Dominicans residing in this city expressed their support for the request of the senator of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) by Elías Piña and spokesman for that political entity in the Upper House, Iván Lorenzo, who requested that the high prices of the documents that They are issued at the different consular offices.

Senator Lorenzo, who has been carrying out a campaign and contacts for some time among his fellow citizens abroad, mainly in the United States, so that such documents as passports, powers of attorney, apostille, testament, translations, and citizenship, among others , be lowered.

This August 16, during his speech at the swearing-in of the Senate management firm, he proclaimed the following:

“The Dominicans abroad are paying high prices for consular services, and they are the ones who maintain the macroeconomic stability of the DR with the remittances they send, that is why an initiative like this is necessary.”

This reporter remembers asking the senator why the PLD, being the government, did not pass the Law?, answering that previously no political party took the initiative, and this is where we usually come to raise funds for campaigns.

The signatories of the document maintain that the government of President Luis Abinader has been indifferent, negligent, apathetic, careless and deliberately forgetful with the Creole community abroad, because it has failed to fulfill a number of promises made by the president himself.

The document is signed by Clemente Rosario, Andrés Mercado, Wilson Bautista, Ana María de los Santos, Melton Báez, Juan Isidro Marte, Antonia de Mena, Altagracia Torres, Rodolfo Sambrano, Eugenio Marmolejos, Emilio Restituyo, Sucre Calcaño, Carlos López, Milcíades Rosario , and Elvin T. Soto, among others.

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