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Number of accidents at Easter was less than in previous years

During Holy Week, the number of victims of traffic accidents was lower compared to previous years, totaling about 164 people, according to data from the Trauma Hospital. Authorities highlight the results of the “Don’t handle ka’ure” campaign.

During a press conference held this morning, Dr. Agustín Saldívar, director of the Trauma Hospital, announced the numbers of the Holy Week Operative carried out in said healthcare center.

The same highlighted that, unlike previous years, the number of patients treated for traffic accidents was reduced to a certain extent. In 2019, there were a total of 218 victims of road accidents, while this year the number was 164 people.

Of this total number of accidents, some 119 are motorcyclists, a figure that is also lower than the 170 that were registered in 2019, he explained.

Saldívar highlighted this reduction in figures compared to the last pre-pandemic year and considers that it is the result of the “Don’t drive ka’ure” campaign through which drivers are urged not to drive under the influence of alcohol to prevent traffic accidents.

The deceased related to traffic accidents at Easter are 8, of which 5 were motorcycle drivers, according to data from the National Police. Most were young people.

With regard to patients treated at the Trauma Hospital during Holy Week, the figure is 1,055 people. In addition to the victims mentioned above, there are 67 victims of aggression, 14 of whom are victims of domestic aggression.

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