Nuclear density meter stolen in La Cisterna: Seremi warns that “it is highly dangerous for human life”

The Ministry of Health of the Metropolitan region reported during the day this Thursday that a nuclear densimeter was stolen in the commune of La Cisterna.

The object, which was stolen from a truck, contains radioactive material, for which the Seremi, Gonzalo Soto, warned that once opened “it is highly dangerous for human life and the environment.”

“People should know that these teams cannot be manipulated by the inexperienced. They must not be disassembled, melted, hit, cut or drilled, since the radioactive material it contains may be exposed, which is highly harmful to human life and the environment, ”he said.

The use of nuclear densimeters, as well as their transport or maintenance without express authorization from the SEREMI of Health, is sanctioned according to current legislation.

Nuclear densimeters are mainly used in road works, specifically by companies dedicated to soil studies, which allows, among other technical measurements, to determine humidity and density.

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