Ahora sí estamos en la era 2.0: Además de la cédula, también el registro civil será digital

Now we are in the 2.0 era: In addition to the identity card, the civil registry will be digital

What was said in the interview is that Colombia would be the first country to have this document virtually.

There will be a digital civil registry: This was confirmed by the national registrar, Alexander Vega, this, to “facilitate the process before the notaries.”

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What was said in the interview with the registrar Alexander Vega, this Thursday on Caracol Radio, is that Colombia would be the first country to have the civil registry virtually.

Once this news is known, it is expected that in the next 15 days they will begin to implement this process through the platforms of the Colombian Registry.

“The process of attending a notary will be avoided,” it was stated from the radio network.

What is proposed is that people can have at hand from anywhere, this identity document, still required in many legal procedures.

“That they can pay, upload the receipts and download the registration online,” said Vega.

The digital card

In recent days, the registrar also spoke about the issuance of the citizenship card, since by 2023 it will be mandatory to have it digitally.

The digital ID would cost $55,750 with payment methods enabled by the Registrar’s Office.

Civil Registry
This is the model of the digital card. It is expected to see how the new digital civil registry would look

It is not yet clear if this process also has any cost, at least from the first time.

At least with the digital ID you can enter countries like Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Ecuador

With digital documents, what they are looking for is to be able to avoid falsifications, to guarantee biometric authentication and personal data protection.

Remember that the current card, yellow in color and with holograms, will continue to be valid; however, if a duplicate is requested, the new digital version will be issued, which will have a cost.

Without any previous appointment or forms to fill out, Colombians can approach and request the digital ID at any of the offices of the National Registry.

According to what was said by the National Director of Identification of the National Registry to Blu Radio, Didier Chilito, this change will begin to be implemented on September 1.

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