"No to the CCP"a new poster against the Cuban regime appears in Havana

"No to the CCP"a new poster against the Cuban regime appears in Havana

A new poster against the dictatorship has surprised the inhabitants of Havana this Thursday. This time, it was the words “No to the PCC” (Communist Party of Cuba), written in capital letters in giant letters on the back wall of Parque Aguirre, in the municipality of Plaza de la RevoluciĂłn.

The action took place at dawn, judging by videos posted on social networks by an anonymous organization that calls itself The New Directorywhich alludes to the Directorio Estudiantil Universitario (DEU) that faced off against Gerardo Machado in republican Cuba in the 1930s.

In the morning hours, 14ymedio He testified that the sign was still there, without there being instant cleaning work, as on other occasions. What there was was a huge State Security operation, with dozens of motorcycles from the Ministry of the Interior visible or crouching among the bushes.

“These must be hunting whoever takes out a camera,” a neighbor who was passing by surprised by the place warned through her teeth. “Do not take out the phone even to call, because they are everywhere.”

On March 14, in broad daylight, they wrote with sand the motto “Down with the dictatorship, the murderous Castros” in the middle of Crespo and Trocadero streets, in Centro Habana. On that occasion, the removal of the poster was very quick, as this newspaper confirmed.

This type of action, unprecedented in the history of the dictatorship, proliferated especially after the mass protests of July 11, 2021. In February 2022, the a huge billboard painted on the asphalt with the phrase “Patria y Vida” on Gervasio and Enrique Barnet (Estrella) streets, also in Centro Habana, which had been carried out at night and was erased in the middle of a large police deployment.

A few weeks before, another painting of considerable dimensions in a wall on General Serrano street, almost on the corner with VĂ­a Blanca, in the Santos Suárez municipality of Havana, mobilized a whole mob of police, military and civilian agents on Suzuki motorcycles, plus a Criminalistics vehicle. The sign read: “Down with Canel singao.”


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