no one reads...

no one reads…

“No one reads…” was a phrase that we coined some time ago with the Party’s communication team in the midst of a strong debate about what to say or what not to say, what paragraph to add or remove, while we were drafting a statement, thinking that one more line or one less line would make any difference, to conclude that no matter how total it was, nobody reads.

And as is. Emboldened we published the statement, however only the title of that text occupied the screenshot of a fleeting news item, which also lent itself to confusing interpretations depending on who was reading it. The rest, which explained, broke down and analyzed what was intended to be said – and which engaged us in a heated debate – simply went unnoticed. To make matters worse, the day continued, I met other people, thinking that someone would tell me about the statement… and nothing. Nobody read.

Having served four years as a Deputy, as my first experience in an elective position and in public office, I learned the enormous challenge that this pending matter represents, of getting people to read us as politicians. But not that it reads us only in a textual sense, but rather in getting people to follow us, interpret us, connect and really feel that those of us who occupy those spaces represent them.

I learned how important it is to seek to generate a connection with people, who, after all, are to whom we should be accountable for what we do, and to whom we should seek to involve, beyond the headline. We have the great challenge of connecting in a simple language, without formalisms or stiff speeches, and making topics that range from simpler ones such as keep summer time throughout the year, or complex topics such as profound state reformsreach people in a friendly frequency that invites politics to be everyone, give results, and not only be at the service of the same few as always.

It is in that search to generate that connection that the challenge of writing this column began. Because I believe that more than ever we must acknowledge receipt of that discontent that exists towards politics and politicians, and understand that it is not the fault of those who they don’t read us, but on the contrary, we must ask ourselves: What attractiveness do we have to tell? Alluding to that famous book on self-improvement and human relations, it is as if politicians are from Mars, voters are from Venus.

Because it’s true, NOBODY READS. But precisely considering the enormous responsibility that we have to be in office, we must not falter in the effort to convince people that it is that connection and involvement with politics that will make things change for the better. So looking for that read me, I thank you for coming this far, and from this first edition I say welcome to my column!

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