No limits to perseverance

No limits to perseverance

Alberto “Beto” Ramírez, will compete this year for the third time in what is the most important race at the local level, the Transchaco Rally, who after suffering a serious accident did not give up and kept fighting to always reach the finish line.

The activities of the most important automobile competition in the country officially started at the Rubén Dumot last Saturday, July 2 with the technical verifications, later it was moved to the symbolic start of the night in Plaza Madero. Yesterday the official classification was given that launched the competition that had not been disputed due to the current pandemic.

The runner Beto Ramírez comes from a family that loves rallying, since he was seven years old he started motorsport with the quasi, now he is preparing to participate in a new edition of the Chaco Rally. “Our expectations this year are high, it is nothing more and nothing less than 50 years of the Transchaco Rally, this will be my third year participating in this competition. We want to fight for the top, we will seek to win. We work hard for the car, in what is the roadmap, the intention is to achieve a good position “

The rally driver mentioned that the preparations for the Transchaco start once the last rally is over. “From day one, once the last competition was over, we began to focus on the Chaco, looking at details of what the machine is, we prepared the planning of what the event is, we hope to know what the path will be to carry out the tour, since As we get information we are working on it”.

“The Rally del Chaco is passion, it is what I like, I love going to suffer as they say, I do it with pleasure, I already achieved my goals from previous years which was to arrive, today I want to be part of the podium and why not, win the race”, asserted the 2019 Super Rally National Champion.

Regarding the relevance of this motor sport at the national level, Beto Ramírez said: “In Paraguay, rallying is one of the most important sports to call it in some way and that makes me very happy, that it is the second most important discipline in our country. country”.

“To start in this sporting branch is a bit complicated, you have to open your way a bit at the beginning, make yourself known, then the doors open, but like anything in life you have to make a little sacrifice at the beginning. I am moved by the passion for this sport, I started after my accident, I wanted to continue in motorsport and it was given to me, I worked hard for a rally car, I did not think it would be competitive but things turned out and I am very grateful for everything , with the brands that support me, so we have a while”, declared the 2018 Super Prime National Champion, Beto Ramírez.

The race will take place from Friday, July 8 to Sunday, July 10 in three stages, with the city of Mariscal Estigarribia as the hub of the competition. Stage 1 will have 156.49 kilometers of route, passing through iconic places, such as Picada 500. In stage 2 there will be a total of 282.50 timed kilometers, where the machines will pass through Pozo Hondo, Campo Karen to culminate in Picada Wide. Finally, stage 3 will take place, where they will once again go through Picada 500, Campo Karen, Pirizal – Line 1, ending at Campo 48 with a journey of 150.97 kilometers. The final link will be to Plaza Madero in Luque.

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