Niña camba sounds on Carlos Fischer's guitar for the month of Santa Cruz

Niña camba sounds on Carlos Fischer’s guitar for the month of Santa Cruz

September 14, 2022, 23:44 PM

September 14, 2022, 23:44 PM

camba girl, the popular piece by César Espada, is heard on the guitar of Carlos Fischer. In the month of Santa Cruz, Fischer chose this theme to honor the department that saw it born.

Fischer, who made an impact with his jazz fusion melodies from the beginning, recently launched the album Infinite Search.

There are nine songs that are available on all streaming platforms and social networks. The tour to present the new material was immediate. Organized by its manager and producer, Silvana Vargas Vilches, it was successfully held in Bolivia and European countries such as Spain, France and Romania.

The crossover artist participated in the 35th edition of FestiJazz with Carlos Fischer Bandcomposed by Fischer, Luis García (piano), Raúl Flores (bass) and Eduardo Navarre, (drums).

His musical proposal, loaded with an extraordinary musical structure, was applauded in the Santa Cruz capital. “It is a gift for Santa Cruz”said the composer and guitarist before appearing.

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