Nicaragua’s trade with the US grows every year, despite sanctions and Ortega’s “anti-imperialist” speech

The United States market continues to be the most important for Nicaraguan exports and imports, despite the anti-American diatribe sustained by the dictator Daniel Ortega and even with all the sanctions that the Government of that country has applied against institutions and officials of the dictatorship. ortega.

According to data published this Friday by the United States Embassy in Managua, on its official Twitter account, during 2022, “61% of Nicaragua’s exports were destined for the United States,” which places that nation in the north of the continent as the most important trading partner of the Central American country, under the administration of dictators Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo.

La Embusa details that during the past year Nicaragua’s bilateral trade with the US reported some 5.728 million dollars, which for the US Government should be an aid in the creation of jobs and business opportunities in all sectors of the economy. Nicaraguan.

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According to data from the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) The item most exported to the US, and therefore the one that generated the highest income last year, is gold, which reported sales of more than 893.5 million dollars, well above other important items such as coffee (U.S. $321.7 million) and Meat (U$281 million), which respectively occupy the second and third place in order of importance.

Already at the end of last year, the North American diplomatic headquarters in Managua had announced that bilateral trade between the two nations in 2022 represented “more than 60% of Nicaragua’s exports and 35% of its imports.”

In the BCN statistics, where the country’s main trading partners are detailed, none of Ortega’s closest political partners such as Russia, Iran, China, Cuba and Venezuela appear.

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For some analysts, the sanctions applied by the US Government and the threats to suspend the prerogatives provided by the DR-Cafta Free Trade Agreement to the Nicaraguan regime have not even served to stop the progress of the establishment of a regime totalitarian nor to intimidate the dictatorship, quite the contrary, trade between the two countries continues to grow year after year.

This is demonstrated by the same publication of the diplomatic representation in Managua, which details that during 2021 the US-Nicaragua bilateral trade represented a flow of 4 thousand 656 million dollars. That is, in 2022 it grew approximately 23% compared to the previous year.

In a comment on Twitter, the opponent Yader Morazán criticizes that “Either the gringos are revolutionaries, or the revolutionaries (of Nicaragua) are not as anti-imperialist as they say,” referring to the anti-American discourse that Daniel Ortega maintains and the constant threats from the United States. cut off trade with the regime.

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