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Nicaraguan Regime “Advances” in the Installation of a Cultural Center in the Building Stolen from La Prensa

These are the most important news of August 24, 2022

The spokeswoman for the Nicaraguan regime, Rosario Murillo, reported on the “progress” of the installation of the “José Coronel Urtecho Cultural and Polytechnic Center” in the building stolen from the newspaper La Prensa.

In a clear attack on the written medium, the spokeswoman for the dictatorship said that with the cultural center “the past will not return” in reference to the poem by the Nicaraguan poet José Coronel Urtecho.

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«There are people who burn them who say that the past will not return, but the past cannot return, one does not walk backwards, but forwards», The also first lady pointed out in her speech on September 23 through her official media.

He also promised that “the center is equipping itself and is emerging as one of the best centers for technical, technological, artistic, and cultural education in the entire country. Don José Coronel Urtecho and his work is vibrating, because the past will not return, because we are moving forward».

Dictatorship promotes cultural center that was set up on headquarters stolen from La Prensa

Without mentioning the building of the newspaper La Prensa, robbed since August 2021, Murillo stated that “we are installing these centers that are free education, as the poet Coronel said, the past will not return, As much as there are hearts full of evil. Here we go forward and the future is ours.

“Here we are a brave people who manifest it every day. We trust in God who inspires us and enlightens us every day; forward always, back never. “The past will not come back,” said Don José Coronel Urtecho, and that is how people live because there is no other way, although there are people who are unfortunately stuck », he emphasized.

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Given this situation, La Prensa stated that “the regime is trying to put an end to 96 years of history of the dean of national journalism, dismantling the campus that houses it.”

Despite the censorship imposed by the Ortega regime, the imprisonment of its president Juan Lorenzo Holmann and other directors, the media outlet has not stopped digitally reporting the political crisis in the country.

IAPA condemns the robbery of the La Prensa building: “This corroborates the evident official persecution against independent journalism”

For their part, the relatives of the poet José Coronel Urtecho have rejected that the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo use the name of the founder of the Nicaraguan Vanguardia literary movement in the new cultural center.

Blanca Carolina Maturana Coronel, one of Coronel Urtecho’s granddaughters, mentioned at the end of August that her family does not support the regime using her grandfather’s name on the newspaper’s building.

“The Maturana Colonels, sons and daughters of White Colonel Kautz We are not accomplices of the traitors, dictators and murderers Ortega Murillo. We do not agree with the use of the name of José Coronel Urtecho (our grandfather) for his misdeeds », the descendant of Coronel wrote in her account of Facebook.

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