Nicaraguan migration crisis hits the Miss Universe catwalk

Nicaraguan migration crisis hits the Miss Universe catwalk

Norma Huembes, Miss Nicaragua 2022, made her official catwalk in a swimsuit on the stage of the Miss Universe preliminary, wearing a cape with an artistic message of “courage and gallantry” with which Nicaraguans seeking to migrate in search of of new opportunities due to the difficult political and economic circumstances of the Central American country.

As an idea that came from current Nicaraguan beauty and artist Dulce Salgado, the cape was hand drawn and painted with depictions of the national bird, the guardabarranco; butterflies, lakes and volcanoes, among which a woman soars in search of light. Both affirm that the design was “inspired by the strength, courage and gallantry that identifies all citizens, who day by day make their way even outside their homeland in search of new horizons, new destinations, but without forgetting their roots, their traditions and the dream of one day returning home.

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«The guardabarranco, national bird, represents with its flight the journey of the Nicaraguan migrant. On his lap is a beautiful passenger with beautiful golden curls who represents the various forms of beauty of the Nicaraguan woman. On this flight she is accompanied by the light of hope for a future return to the homeland where she was born, she does not carry baggage, only her heart where she keeps her most precious treasures: her flag, her Güegüense and her national anthem, “said Huembes through of the networks of Miss Nicaragua.

Norma Huembes on her catwalk in a bathing suit. Photo: Internet

The butterflies that stand out in the upper part of the cape send the message of “constant transformation, they represent my resilient essence in the face of the changes caused by my thyroid problem and my inner strength to face the following challenges with a positive and persevering attitude like the of a migrant.

Dulce Salgado, Nicaraguan designer and artist, shared on her social networks how moved she was by the messages from citizens who had to leave Nicaragua in search of a different panorama in the face of the social, political and economic crisis under the current administration. .

«In tribute to all migrants who have had to leave their countries in search of a better future. In homage to all those who leave thinking about the day they will return with the hope of finding a renewed homeland, of those who carry only their hearts as luggage, of those who lost their lives in the attempt, of those who are living today looking for a dream. a nightmare,” said the designer.

He added that the cape was made in homage to those who also “fight in adverse conditions outside their homeland, for them my work and the prayers that I dedicated for you in the process. In tribute to the migrants of yesterday and today. For our brothers who had to leave, but carry their homeland in their hearts!

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