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Nicaraguan femicide was hiding in Costa Rica and there he reported a new crime via WhatsApp

Nicaraguan femicide was hiding in Costa Rica and there he reported a new crime via WhatsApp

Costa Rican authorities are on the trail of Gabriel Antonio Guadamuz Orozco, suspected of murdering his partner by mechanical asphyxiation Aura Velazquez Rocha, a 38 year old Nicaraguan.

The body of Velásquez Rocha was found inside the room he rented in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, according to the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), from the neighboring country to the south, which is conducting investigations into the crime, which is keeping the residents of that country dismayed. zone.

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The OIJ disseminated the photograph of Guadamuz Orozco, also a Nicaraguan national, to find his whereabouts. It should be noted that after the investigations of that entity, they discovered that the suspect is wanted in Nicaragua for the femicide of Brenda del Carmen Hernandez Escoto, a crime that occurred in June 2022, in the department of León, in western Nicaragua.

According to OIJ investigations, the subject fled from Nicaraguan justice and settled in Costa Rica, where he is now also wanted for the crime of his new victim.

Murderer sends photos of new crime

According to the investigations, the perpetrator, in an act of sadism, after committing the crime against Velásquez Rocha, took photographs of the body and sent them through the victim’s WhatsApp to his relatives, who learned of his wickedness that way. “She entered the place (the room) in the early hours of the morning, accompanied by a man, hours later the body was located, which does not show signs of violence, but does show nosebleeds and an injury that suggests that she was suffocated,” an official from the OIJ told the Teletica television medium.

Aura Velázquez Rocha is the name of the Nicaraguan murdered in Costa Rica

Gabriel Antonio Guadamuz Orozco, also known as “El Colombiano” or “El Tico”, was identified by the Nicaraguan Police in 2022 as responsible for the murder of Brenda del Carmen Hernández Escoto, whose body was discovered buried in the garden of his business , in the department of León, on June 10, 2022.

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The report from the Institute of Legal Medicine, IML, stated that Brenda del Carmen Hernández Escoto had been dead between six and nine days and that she died of “mechanical asphyxiation by strangulation.”

Preliminary reports from feminist organizations in Nicaragua indicate that with the death of Velázquez Rocha, there are already 12 women murdered abroad, most of them in Costa Rica.

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