Nicaraguan dies in the US from a stroke; relatives request help for repatriation

The Nicaraguan Joel Antonio Mairena Laguna, 34, died in a hospital in Chicago, United States, after suffering a stroke. After being hospitalized for several days, on June 28, his relatives decided that the doctors should disconnect him from assisted breathing.

Mairena was originally from the municipality of San José de Bocay, department of Jinotega. According to his relatives, the Nicaraguan arrived on American soil about a year ago in the company of other members of his family. The citizen migrated to the United States in search of better living conditions.

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The young man’s relatives have limited economic resources, so they have requested the collaboration of the public to be able to repatriate his body and give him a Christian burial in his homeland.

Nicaraguan dies in the US from a stroke; relatives request help for repatriation
Joel Mairena Laguna. Photo: Social Networks

If you wish to provide your support, you can do so at bank account number 291037369688 of Bank of America. Or contact the telephone number +1 312-686-5747.

Currently, the number of Nicaraguan migrants who die in the United States continues to rise. There are many who have drowned, others in traffic accidents or have decided to take their own lives.

A source from the Texas Nicaraguan Community detailed Article 66 that so far in the month of June, more than 14 Nicaraguan citizens have died in the United States.

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