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Nicaraguan banks in danger: Ortega threatens them for alleged “complicity” with confiscated opponents

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Nicaraguan banks in danger: Ortega threatens them for alleged "complicity" with confiscated opponents

The dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, threatened the national banks with retaliation against them, accusing them of alleged “complicity” with opponents, media outlets and confiscated businessmen, whom he called “scammers” and money launderers.

During the event in which the dictatorship celebrated the 129th anniversary of the birth of Augusto C. Sandino, Ortega referred to the confiscations carried out by his regime against opponents, the media, the Catholic Church and civil society organizations, and noted that Some bankers have “jumped” over the confiscations.

“There are some banks jumping up and down, which rather seem to be accomplices of the fraudsters,” the dictator said in his speech.

Faced with such reactions from the bankers, Ortega responded by threatening that “an investigation is being carried out to punish all those found guilty.”

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This threat, coming from the dictator who has been described as the most despotic in Latin America, must be taken very seriously and bankers must understand that they cannot continue promoting the “false normality” imposed by the dictatorship, recommended opposition leader Luis Blandón. , leader of the Democratic Renewal Union (Unamos).

This same week, the Pro Transparency and Anticorruption Observatory (OPTA), of the Hagamos Democracia Organization, presented an investigation in which it quantifies at approximately 250 million dollars a part of the properties “stolen” by the Ortega Murillo dictatorship from opponents, NGOs and businessmen.

The new Sandinista piñata executed by Ortega and Murillo, so far costs 250 million dollars.

This amount is only “the tip of the iceberg” of the new Sandinista piñata, OPTA warns, as it is only the beginning of the quantification.

In an attempt to justify the dispossession of property from Nicaraguans, Ortega said, in the same speech this Saturday, that these are “seized” assets that “were involved in money laundering” and that is why they have been declared property of the State, supposedly “for the benefit of the poor, to invest them in social programs; from housing, health, education, social security.

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Just days before, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), at the service of the dictatorship, cynically said that the confiscations are “recoveries and restitutions” for the people.

“But the important thing is that this ill-gotten wealth that was in the hands of criminals, that ill-gotten wealth is at this moment in the hands of the State at the disposal of the people, at the disposal of the poor, at the disposal of the peasants, at the disposal of the youth,” highlighted the tyrant.

They recommend bankers to be alert

Luis Blandón, consulted by Article 66pointed out that the dictator Ortega is trying to justify the “blatant theft” that he has been carrying out of all the properties of the opponents since 2018.

The opposition leader in exile recalled that, although the dictatorship tries to justify the confiscations, the truth is that they have already been unmasked by the series of investigations that have come to light, and in light of this Ortega tries to impose a narrative full of falsehood. .

However, according to Blandón, “what is true is that in Nicaragua there is no legal security for anyone. As long as there is a dictatorship there will be absolutely no respect for the established laws, that is why bankers should also be alert that they cannot turn a blind eye to everything that is happening in Nicaragua.

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He also stressed that businessmen involved in the national banking system, who today are under threat from the dictatorship, must not forget that Nicaragua is a people “with aspirations for human rights; “They also have no guarantee of being able to continue doing business, trying to justify the reality that exists in the country.”

In that sense, the Unamos leader insisted that as long as there is no freedom and democracy in Nicaragua there will be no legal guarantee for anyone.

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