Nicaraguan asks to be filmed before crossing the Rio Grande to "reassure his relatives"

Nicaraguan asks to be filmed before crossing the Rio Grande to “reassure his relatives”

This April 3, the 29-year-old Nicaraguan Frankilin Rodríguez risked his life by venturing to cross the dangerous waters of the Rio Grande, on the border between Mexico and the United States, after two months of having embarked on a journey after the so-called “American dream”. », with the purpose of helping his family.

When Rodríguez left Nicaragua, his wife was pregnant and a fortnight ago his third daughter was born, whom he only knows through a cell phone screen. The migrant claims that he too has endured thirst, hunger and twice been kidnapped in Mexico.

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The Nicaraguan asked to be recorded through the cameras of Impacto Visión Noticias, which broadcasts the migration crisis live from the northern border of Mexico in the city of Piedras Negras. He requested that he be recorded to reassure his family on his way to US territory to “reassure his relatives.”

Nicaraguan migration increases. Photo: Internet

Franklin was carrying a cell phone, documents and his wallet. He used the moment to send a message to his compatriots who are considering emigrating to the United States. “For me it has been too difficult, almost two months, but fight with a purpose for a better future and whoever has not come out should think about it because a journey here in Mexico is very difficult.”

Before taking the first steps in the Rio Grande, Franklin Rodríguez sent a final message to his family. “I love my whole family very much. To my wife, my children and everyone. What one does is for the family,” said the citizen.

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More than 120,000 Nicaraguans left the country in 2021, a year marked by increased repression, the stagnation of an economy in crisis and an uncertain future, after the general elections for the reassignment of Daniel Ortega, which were unknown by the majority of countries of the hemisphere.

Costa Rica and the United States continue to be the main destinations for Nicaraguan migrants, according to figures from both countries. Between January and November 2021, the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) registered 72,192 apprehensions of Nicaraguans at the borders, while Costa Rica received 52,928 refugee applications from Nicaraguans.

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