Nicaragua ranks as the second most corrupt country in Latin America

Nicaragua ranks as the second most corrupt country in Latin America

Transparency International of Spain ranks Nicaragua in 167th place worldwide in terms of corruption index. The Central American country is one of the worst evaluated in Latin America, being surpassed only by Venezuela, which ranks 177.

According to the indicator of the most corrupt countries, Nicaragua is located in 167th place, one position less than the ranking corresponding to 2021, and with only 19 points out of a possible 100. But, they do not rule out that this deterioration is alarming since 2012 when the country began to be positioned on the red list.

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For its part, Venezuela is the country that occupies the first position in Latin America. In third place, below Nicaragua, is Honduras, which has not improved the perception of corruption under the mandate of Xiomara Castro. The neighboring country is positioned in position 157, the same place as in the previous ranking.

Nicaragua ranks as the second most corrupt country in Latin America

El Salvador is one of the countries in the region that has reflected a drop in the corruption index, its score compared to the previous index, in which it reached 33 points out of 100 and was ranked 116th. Costa Rica is the lowest and is ranked 48th.

Nicaragua is the second most corrupt country in Latin America, according to international reports that measure the Corruption Perception Index in the region. Recently, the study “Situation of municipal transparency in Nicaragua” prepared by the independent observatory Urnas Abiertas, explains that corruption in the country is at the highest historical levels given the scarce and insufficient information available on the finances of the central and municipal government. .

They affirm that in Nicaragua there are no “guarantees for citizen and state control” that regulate corruption and transparency in the governance system, agreements signed in the Lima Compromise by the countries of the American continent.

The researchers highlighted that the Daniel Ortega regime has violated most of the agreements signed in the Lima Compromise, mainly “democratic governance, transparency and financing of politics, freedom of expression and judicial autonomy and independence”, positioning this way Nicaragua as one of the most corrupt governments on the continent.

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